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Hi, I'm Jill  
I started this Network as I desperately needed it myself.
When my business was shut down during the pandemic, I had to quickly build an eCommerce business.
I started "Kids Baking Club" in June 2020 to send screen-free fun baking kits to kids. Within 7 months we had 543 members.

As exciting as it was I felt isolated and needed women to connect with, learn from, and join in community.

What started as Facebook group "Subscription Box Womenpreneurs", with a few women has grown to thousands.

I started this Network to have a resource of having my over 80+ trainings, workshops, ebooks, planner, videos, and more to equip and encourage you! 

Inside The Network

Start something amazing!

Are you ready to start a subscription box biz, or want to learn how to revamp your current one? The 50+ lesson ebooks and workbook is just what you need to succeed.

Succeed with Purpose

Scaling is all about knowing who your perfect customer is, having the right products, and serving them continually. Enjoy dozens of workshops & workbooks!

Motivation & Support

Our "Boost My Box Network" Facebook Group is where it's at. Ask questions and get ongoing support from Jill and all the other members who are cheering you on!

Holiday Planner

Jill creates a Holiday Guide/Planner with 40+ pages of planning, ideas, tips, promotion ideas, lead magnet ideas, converting ad ideas and much more. 

Plan Progress Daily

Jill created a Meaningful Life Planner for women who own their own business. It's not just a planner, but a goal incentive guide to continual progress, focused on the your success with significance.

Enjoy Fun Bonuses

Jill creates printables to inspire your success. Just download and print. You'll love how they motivate and empower you daily as you thrive as a women and
business owner. 

Let's make your
business idea
become a reality!

Do you have a dream to start a subscription box business? If so, you need LAUNCH IT!
A step-by-step guide to launch with success.
It's included in the Network!

What members really love!

Launch It! & Scale It!

Jill has created 80+ lessons & workshops to Launch and Scale your subscription business. 

Meaningful Life Planner

Ditch the long to-do lists and learn the method to progresses and fulfills your life & biz.

Holiday Guidebook

Every year Jill creates a Holiday Planner guide to capitalize on the best time of the year!

What Members are Saying! 

 I thank Jill for mentoring me and giving me the encouragement and support with my Subscription Box Business.
Her advise gave me lots of inspiration.


I started my subscription box during a very difficult time in my life. Jill and the resources helped me navigate each step to create a business that serves widows. 


Jill has always been there to encourage me and give me the tips and strategies to launch my subscription box business. I now help and support women with anxiety.


When you change lives, you change yours!

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